Wooden World Denic

This is a web page that offers you handmade  unique or made in limited editions solid wooden items, which combine practical use with certain aesthetic level. 
Inside the site you can find the items I have made so far, driven by the need for creative expression and materialization of the ideas that I think deserve it. 
I mostly create wine shelves, wine storing cabinets, wine tables, dinner and coffee tables. I also make Book shelves (Library shelves), multimedia cabinets, decorative wooden boxes etc. but always making sure that I give a personal touch to every item I create. In the production process I use only different kind of genuine wood such as cherry, walnut, oak, beech… I’ll be glad if in some of my work you recognize something that relates to you and decide to make that item a part of your world.
Besides presenting you with the various wooden items I create a part of the website will be dedicated to the tools and accessories I use to create them. Hopefully that will be of help to all of the DIY enthusiast.

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